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“Holy smokes, Bev, “you gotta stop that, you’re driving me crazy!!!” Bev Andrews lowered her head and while looking over the top rim of her wire rimmed glasses asked, “And what would I be doing that’s driving you crazy, Tom, I’m just doing my makeup and hair!?!” A little line of drool crept out of the corner of Tom’s mouth as he stared at his wife’s huge chest and her always full and erect nipples before stammering, “Y-you know what I mean, it’s not fair for you to sit there naked like that, you know I can’t stand it!!!” “Now look, Tommy,” she replied in a slightly exasperated voice, “last week you complained when I wore my bra and panties, and now it’s because I’m naked, for goodness sakes I’m in my own dressing room, will you please grow up!!!” Dropping his head and looking down at his feet he replied softly, “I’m sorry, baby, it’s just that you turn me on like nobody ever has or will, and just the mere sight of you puts me over the edge!!!” Tommy, Tommy, Tommy,” she said with a sigh and a deep breath, “what am I ever going to do with my little Tommy, you’re just a little boy, now come here, mama will make you feel all better!!!” As her huge breasts closed around his blue steel erection, all he could think about was how lucky he was to have such an incredible wife, while only moments later his hard pecker spasmed, shooting a load of hot spunk all over her pretty nipples!!!

As Bev pulled her car into her parking space at work, her best friend Megan was just walking up to the front door where she waited for Bev!!! “How’s it going,” Megan asked while putting her key into the door lock, “you usually beat me here, did you have car trouble or something!?!” “Oh, no,” Bev replied while chuckling, “it was Tommy, I was doing my hair and minding my own business when he just glanced at my tits and got a big hardon, well, one thing led to another, you know how it is!!!” Megan pushed open the door and headed off to her office without so much as another word, which prompted Beverly to chase after her while saying, “I’m sorry if I offended you, Megs, I was just being mouthy, it won’t happen again!!!” “Uh, it’s not that, Bev,” Megan replied softly, “it’s just that, well Jimmy and I have been having a rough go of it lately, that’s all, you didn’t offend me in the least, I’m sorry any of this came up!!!” Bev was about to respond, when all at once Megan slumped down in her chair and quietly began crying like a baby!!! Bev rushed to her side and cradled the sobbing woman in her arms while gently patting her on the head while asking, “Why didn’t you say something before this, honey, I would have been a good listener!?!” Through her sniffles and tears, Megan replied, “I didn’t want to burden you with my problems, and this morning when you joked about how hot Tom was for you, well that just pushed me over the edge, you see it’s been so long since, you know, since we, uh, did it!!!”

Seeing that her friend was dying to unload, Bev grabbed a chair and pulled it close to Megan’s and sat down before asking quietly, “How long, how long has it been for you?!?” Now more in control of herself, Megan blew her nose in a tissue and then replied, “Well, about six weeks now, Jim has just lost all interest in sex, he swears he doesn’t have a girl friend, but I really wonder!!!” “Now look,” Bev pointed out softly, “has Jim ever lied to you before, I mean about anything not just sex!?!” “No, he hasn’t,” Megan answered quickly, “as far as I know he’s always been truthful with me!!!” “Now I know this a little different,” Bev replied, “”but I think you have to give him the benefit of the doubt, I mean Jim’s a good man, right!?!” “Y-yes,” Megan replied with her lower lip quivering, “b-but I don’t think he loves me anymore,” before breaking down again in a torrent of tears!!!” Bev’s heart just broke as she watched her friend sobbing, and instinctively she took her into her arms and held her like a baby!!!

As Megan began to calm down, she offered softly, “Thank you for being here when I needed you most, i-it feels so nice to be close to someone again!!!” “Don’t worry about a thing,” Bev replied, “everything is gonna work out just fine, you just wait and see!!!” Megan’s face pressing against her chest, and for a second she wasn’t sure if she had been right, but she would have sworn that Megan had just given her right breast a gentle squeeze!!! She was just about to write it off as she mind playing tricks on her, when again she felt a hand on her breast, but this time even more insistently!!! “Megs,” she whispered, “what are you doing!!!” “I can’t help myself,” Megan moaned softly, “they feel so full and firm, I just had to touch them, you don’t mind do you!?!” Knowing the fragile condition she was in, Bev was afraid that any kind of rejection might completely drive her friend over the edge, so in a small voice she replied, “Of course not, dear, I was just curious, that’s all!!!”

For the next few minutes Megan caressed Bev’s large breast softly in her hand, and while it was certainly a pleasurable experience, Bev was totally unprepared for what transpired next!!! Megan sat up, and then just as calmly as you please, began unbuttoning the Bev’s blouse!!! “You have such beautiful breasts,” Megan said under her breath, “and I’ve always wanted to do this!!!” A pang of fear shot through her, and in a shaky voice Bev stammered, “T-this isn’t right, Megs, maybe we shouldn’t be doing this!!!” By now her blouse was off and Megan’s nimble fingers were undoing the front connecting clasp on Bev’s 38DD bra!!! “Oh, my,” Megan sighed as the two giant mounds fell from their prison, “no wonder Tom is always in such a dither, they’re incredible, and your nipples are already hard!!!” “T-they’re always that way,” Bev mumbled while Megan took one of her erect nubs into her warm mouth, “I don’t know why, they just are!!” Bev didn’t want it to feel good, but Megan had the softest touch she had ever felt, and no matter how hard she tried to keep her mind off of it, her womanly instinct took over and roiled her vagina into a near frenzy!!!

“How does it feel,” Megan whispered between suckles!?! “It feels very nice,” Bev sighed!!! “How would you like me to do your pussy,” Megan whispered hoarsely!?! “I-I don’t think so,” a red faced Bev replied, “I think we’ve done quite enough, don’t you!?!” “No I don’t,” Megan replied while jumping up while stripping of her clothes, “I haven’t had a good orgasm in weeks, just look at my pussy, my clit is sticking out and absolutely on fucking fire!!!” Bev had never heard Megan use such coarse language, and even though she was trying to resist it, hearing her swearing like a sailor and overtly exposing her vagina in front of her was having a profound effect on her own pussy!!! Now when Megan put her right foot up on the top of the desk, and spread her vagina wide apart, she offered no resistance what so ever when Megan took her by the hair and pulled her mouth to the smoothly shaved lips that were literally dripping with juice!!! “Oh my, Bev,” she sighed, “you have such a talented tongue, are you sure that this is the first pussy you’ve ever sucked!?!” It was so intoxicating!!! Now for the first time Bev could understand why Tommy was always in such a lather to touch and feel her up, because for the first time she was becoming addicted to the sweet taste of hot wet pussy!!!

With the sexual tension in the small office so thick you could cut it with a knife, Megan pulled her friend to her feet and crushed her mouth with kiss while pulling the rest of Bev’s things off and dropping them to the floor in a pile next to them!!! “Are you excited,” Megan whispered while grinding her 34B’s into Bev’s incredible cleavage!?! “Y-yes,” Bev gasped, “that feels wonderful, nipple to nipple, it’s just unbelievable!!!” “Do you know what I think we should do,” Megan asked softly!?! “W-what,” Bev moaned, “tell me, what should we do!!!” “Well,” Megan replied while nibbling on Bev’s ear, “I think we should get down on the carpet and slide our pussies together until our clits touch, how does that sound!?!” “Sweet jesus, I’m hot,” Bev moaned as Megan helped her to the floor and immediately joined her while sliding their vaginas together!!! As they both shifted their positions slightly to help their clits make direct contact with each other, soft moans and groans filled the office while both women climbed aboard the orgasm express, a non stop trip if there ever was one!!! While grinding their sloppy wet cuts together, Megan gasped, “I just love your tits, just look at them, jiggling so gently, oh god, I’m gonna cum soon!!!” Each time their clits touched, electric shocks jolted their crotches, and while Megan had her eyes fixed on Beverly’s massive chest, Bev on the other hand was concentrating on how her hairy wet cunt was pressed hard against Megan’s smoothly shaved pubis!!! “We’re clit to clit,” Beverly groaned, “I-I’m cumming, I can’t hold back another second, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m cummingggggggggg so fucking hard!!!” While Bev’s cunt lurched out of control in an orgasmic explosion, Megan’s own pussy was in the middle of a climax that could only be described as monumental!!! Both women, with sweat breaking out all over their hot bodies, ground their vaginas together harder and harder until both of them collapsed in a state of total and complete exhaustion!!!

Finally, after many minutes had passed, Megan raised her head and smiled weakly before saying, “Thank you, baby, I really need that!!!” Beverly smile back at her friend while her cunt reveled in a post coital glow and replied, “Me too, baby, me too!!!