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Nancy is chilling outside on the balcony, taking in some fresh air on a summers day. She is sitting there all innocent and just relaxing. Her friend Arteya comes walking up to her and finds Nancy extremely sexy. Arteya asks to have a strawberry that Nancy picked and Nancy says she can have if she agrees to lick her. Arteya agrees, and starts to eat a few strawberries. Nancy starts to undress herself.

When Nancy is completely naked, she sits back onto the balcony. Arteya starts touching her nude body all over. She then touches Nancy’s pussy and starts to rub it. Nancy feels very aroused as this is her first lesbian experience.

Arteya then starts to lick Nancy’s pussy and she moans out of control. She is loving this blonde lesbian experience. Arteya keeps rubbing and licking Nancy’s pussy throughout and Nancy cannot hold it anymore, so she orgasms.

Now it is Arteya’s turn. So Arteya removes all of her clothes and stands leaning against the balcony. Nancy starts to kiss her all over and touches her on her tits and pussy. She then bends down to suck on Arteya’s pussy. She licks her pussy as Arteya screams of pleasure and eventually cums.

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Actors: Arteya / Nancy