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Erin let her hand roam over Vanna’s tight ass as the two lesbian lovers kissed passionately underneath the stinging rays of their morning shower!!! The two women couldn’t have been more different, with Erin tall and lean with almost a dancer’s body, perfect 36B cup breasts and short blonde hair that framed her beautiful face, while Vanna was much shorter, and not quite fat, she certainly was on the chubby side with her 38DD breasts and wide plump bottom coupled with a nice round tummy that capped her wildly hairy dark brunette vagina!!! Both girls appreciated the others attributes as Erin would have killed for Vanna’s big chest, while on the other hand just once Vanna would like to slip into a perfect size six dress instead of her usual size twelve!!! As the intensity of their kiss grew, automatically each one slipped a finger into the others vagina and quickly frigged her to a stunning orgasm, leaving them both shaken and satiated before leaving for work!!! After leaving the apartment building arm in arm, they gave each other a quick peck on the cheek, and then went off in opposite directions on there way to work!!!

Erin sat quietly on the bus reading the morning paper, but try as she might she couldn’t keep her mind on her reading as a gnawing ache which had been slowly building for weeks bubbled to the surface, dampening her vagina and flushing her cheeks to a bright shade of red!!! This was a side of her that she hated and abhorred, but as in the past she knew that until she received gratification she would be in a constant state of sexual arousal, making even the simplest of tasks nearly impossibe!!! She got off the bus a half a block from work, and while normally she would have enjoyed the crowds of people and the hustle and bustle of Chicago’s Loop, today was different as she labored making it to her office building without stopping to press her thighs together in order to relieve some of the tension building like a tsunami inside of her smoothly shaved cunt!!! When she finally ploppd down at her desk, literally out of breath from the experience, she picked up the phone and dialed a number she had written on the back page of her address book, a number that had no name by it, only a question mark!!! She waited impatiently while the phone rang five, six, seven, eight times, until on the ninth ring a sleepy voice picked up the receiver and said tiredly, “This had better be good, now, whattaya need!?!”

After finishing up her conversation, Erin got up and made her way to her boss’s office, and after knocking on the door jam to announce her presence, she stuck her head inside and asked, “Mike, I have some personal business that I have to attend to right away this morning, do you mind of I take the next two hours, I’ll be back by eleven!?!” Her boss looked up from the report he was reading from the Asian office and asked seriously, “You’e not sick are you, please tell me that you’re okay, I can’t afford to have you out of the office for any length of time, you know we’ve go the Broadman presentation next week!?!” “Not to worry,” she replied brightly, “this has nothing to do with my health, it’s just something that came up, so after I get back let’s meet for lunch, okay, and then we can plan our strategy for that presentation!!!” Just glad that he wasn’t losing his number one trouble shooter to a long absence, he waved her away with a nod and went back reading the report, while Erin on the other hand, practically sprinted for the elevators!!!

While it would have been cheaper to take the bus or train, since time was of the essense, Erin hailed a Yelow Cab and gave an address on the near north side to the middle eastern driver and then collapsed back in her seat, while nervously crossing and uncrossing her pretty legs!!! “That’ll be three twenty five,” the driver said after stopping in front of a well kept graystone in the middle of the block!!! Erin tossed a fiver through the open window onto his lap and said while already heading up the walk to the front door, “Keep the change and don’t wait, and thanks!!!” Before she had gone even ten feet, the cab roared away searching for another fare, while Erin hopped up the front stoop and rang the bell for the second floor!!! The large carved oak door had an almost gothic look to it, and Erin shivered while waiting to buzzed in, and even though it was only a moment or two before the buzzer rang, she still pressed her thighs together and actually moaned softly as the heat in her vagina was beginning to burn out of control!!!

As she made her way to the second floor apartment, a very tall woman appeared at the top of the stairs and announced, “It’s so very good to see you again, Erin, are we in just a tiny bit of need this morning!?!” Puffing slightly by the time she reached the top landing, Erin nodded to the regal looking lady, and in a soft voice replied, “You know how I get, please don’t make fun of me, Victoria!!!” “Suit yourself,” she replied after closing the door behind them and ushering Erin into the well appointed living room, “but you femmes just kill me, for four or five months everything’s hunkydory, but then when the need grows too intense you have to come to Veronica to make it all better!!!” “I’ve got to get back to the office,” Erin replied softly, “so if we could get started……….” “Spinning around quickly, Veronica gave Erin the back of her hand right across her cheek, and in an almost evil voice spat, “Don’t you ever tell what to do again, you little cunt, do you got it!?!” Tears immediately welled up in Erin’s eyes while she rubbed her burning cheek, but she still managed to stammer in a weak voice, “I-I undertstand, Veronica, I’ll be a good girl, I promise!!! With a haughty superior look on her face, Veronica literally sneered at Erin and replied, “That, my little girl, remains to be seen!!!”

Now leading the shaken woman into the bedroom, Veronica shoved Erin onto the king size bed and ordered, “Take it all off, bitch, and show me what you’ve got!!!” With her hands shaking from fear and excitement Erin quickly removed all of her clothing until she was lying maked on the bed with her legs slightly spread and ready to go!!! “Humph,” Veronica snorted, “I’d almost forgotten what pitiful breasts you have, a ten year old would have more than this,” while reaching out and grabbing a nipple between her fingers and twisting it harshly, making Erin gasp with pain!!! “Oh, you like that do you,” Veronica asked while twisting the poor nipple all the harder, “tell me now, does that little slut you call a roomate take care of you like me!?!” “Oh no,” Erin moaned, “s-she’s nothing like you!!!” Veronica grabbed Erin’s other nipple in her other hand and after vicously twisting it too, said harshly, “I don’t like the way you said that, you made it sound like you like her better than me!!!” The fury building in Erin’s pussy was now raging like a steel mill’s smelter, and as her first orgasm was engulfing her cunt, she moaned loudly, “O-oh no, no one is as good as you are, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh god I’m already cumming!!!”

Veronica had to smile to herself while watching the young femme cumming without her even having touched her pussy, but as Erin’s orgasm faded, Veronica lifted her own skirt and exposed a brutal looking strap on dildo that hung menacingly from her groin!!! “Is this what my little pussy wants,” Veronica asked in a little girl’s voice, “does she need the big bad cock to fill her tight little shaved pussy!?!” Erin’s eyes had now glazed over as she greedily reached for the ten inch satisfier, only to be disappointed when Veronica stepped back, just out of her reach!!!” “Please,” Erin begged while now vigorously fingering her pussy, “y-you know how I get, let me have it please!!!” “I’ve always wondered about that,” Veronica said a matter of factly, “why you always come to me when you need some cock when all you’d have to do is get man to fuck you once in awhile!!!” “I couldn’t do that,” Erin gasped while staring at the thick piece of latex gently saying from side to side just out of her reach, “I want you to fuck me, not a man!!!” “Of course you do, dear,” Veronica replied softly, ” but first you have to do something for me!!!”

Erin was now in such a state of delirium that she would have probably blown a monkey if Veronica had told her to, but when the tall black haired bitch lifted the dildo out of the way, exposing her now drooling pussy, Erin knew exactly what to do as she scrambled to the floor and buried her mouth into Veronica’s hot slit!!! “Mmmmmmmm,” Veronica purred softly, “you have such a nice tongue, dear, mmmmm, that’s it, do mama’s clitty for her, oh yesssssss, you make mama feel so nice!!!” As much as Erin needed a good fucking, the chance to eat the delectable pussy of such a domineering and incredibly beautiful woman was too good to pass up!!! “Tell me, dear,” Veronica asked softly, “does this taste better than the cunt of that little slut you live with, what’s her name, Vanna I think it is!?!” Momentarily stunned at the question, Erin pulled her mouth away from Veronica’s pussy and stammered, “H-how do you know the name of my girl friend, I’ve never told you about her!?!” “Where do you think she comes when she needs a little pecker,” Veronica replied with an evil laugh, “she’s just like you, a closet cock hound, now suck me!!!” Erin’s head was spinning as she pictured her lovely Vanna with Veronica on top of her slamming her thick pecker into her tight little pussy, and although it hurt to think of her cheating on her, thinking about Vanna spreading wide and pleading for a Veronica’s cock was nearly driving her insane with lust!!!

Erin was now so close to another orgasm and the need for that big pecker in her pussy was now almost overwhelming, so with out warning she jumped back up on the bed landing on her hands and knees, and after giving her ass a little shake, begged Veronica, “Okay, bitch, give it to me now, you know you wanna fuck me, so do it!!!” Veronica was a little taken aback at Erin’s demand, but the sight of the beautiful ass and the bulging lips were like a magnet to the excited bull dyke, and so without another word, she took her place behind Erin’s bottom, and after lining up her big dick, buried the monster into the hot cunt with one mighty plunge!!!” “Owwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeee,” Erin screamed at the top of her lungs as the brutally thick cudgel tore into her pussy, inducing a string of orgasms that threatened to make the poor girl black out!!! “T-take that” Veronica grunted while pounding in and out of the hot little snatch, “you fucking bitches always come to Veronica when you need some dick, well now you’re gonna get it!!!” Erin buried her face in the covers trying to muffle her screams as the freight train like dildo moved brutally in and out of her, but as badly as it hurt, the pleasure she derived from being taken and filled to the brim made up for any discomfort she may have been feeling!!! Then, just as quickly as it had started, it was over as Veronica slipped out of her and collapsed on the bed next to her, while gently massaging Erin’s brutally fucked cunt!!!

131 With her pussy absolutely burning from the vicious assault it had just endured, Erin slowly began dressing while Veronica watched her from the bed with a quizzical look on her face!!! “Say,” Veroica said, “I have and idea, the next time you’re in need, why not bring Vanna along, I’d just adore fucking the two of you together!?!” After giving it a little thought, Erin looked over at Veronica and replied, “I don’t know, I’ll have to think about that, I’m not sure,” but while walking down the stairs on the way back to work, she already knew the answer, as her pussy flinched as she pictured the three of them in the bed together, all for one, and one for all!!!