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“Come on in, Krista,” Mrs. Cox said easily, “Tommy isn’t home yet, but he should be here any minute now, can I get you something to drink!?!” “Uh, no thanks, Mrs. Cox, I’m fine, I just finished dinner,” Krista replied, “if you don’t mind I’ll just wait for Tommy in the living room!?!” “That’s fine, dear,” Jane Cox answered, “but if you’d rather, I’m making some cookies in the kitchen and I sure could use some company!!!” “Okay, sure,” Krista said while following her boyfriend’s mother into the spacious cooking area, “gee those smell pretty good, I sure wish I knew how to bake like that!!!” Jane Cox threw back her head and with a laugh replied, “Listen, honey, don’t let anyone fool you, if you can read, you can cook, and believe me, if I can do it, you can too!!!” Krista picked up a warm butter scotch cookie, took a bite and replied, “Well I wish that understanding men was as easy as learning to bake!!!” Jane put down her bowl and asked softly, “Don’t tell me you and Tom are having trouble now, I thought you two were just made for each other!!!” After taking another bite of her cookie, Krista said slowly, “I thought we were, it’s just that we’re having some problems!!!”

Jane Cox could sense instantly that Krista was really worried about something, so she wrapped her arm around the eighteen year olds shoulder, gave her a hug, and said softly, “I’m a good listener, honey, so why don’t you tell me what’s bothering you!!!” With tears welling up in her eyes, Krista began sobbing quietly before blurting out, “I-it’s just that I don’t think Tommy cares about my needs as a woman, all he cares about is himself!!!” “Ohhhh, are you sure about that,” Jane Cox asked softly, “Tommy seems very devoted to you, dear!?!” “He is in most ways,” Krista said while sniffling, “but when it comes to, you know, well he just doesn’t take care of me, that’s all!!!” “You mean he doesn’t take care of you sexually,” Jane asked, making sure that she and Krista were taking about the same thing!?! “Exactly,” Krista replied while wiping her eyes, “I always make sure that he’s satisfied, and believe me, he has a beautiful cock and I just love sucking him off, but just once I wished he do the same for me!!!” “Hmmmm,” Jane hummed before saying, “that just isn’t like Tommy to act like that, and if what you say is true, I’m, very disappointed in him, he has to be made to realize that a woman’s vagina is very demanding and needs to be service regularly with both the mouth and of course his erection!!!” Krista nodded her head agreement and then asked, “Everything you say is true, Mrs. Cox, but what can we do about it!?! “Well, dear,” Jane Cox replied, “you just leave that to me!!!”

Fifteen minutes later the front door flew open and into the kitchen strode Tommy Cox, who kissed Krista quickly on the cheek before grabbing a handful of cookies and asking, “So, babe, how’s it going!?!” With a knowing glance from Jane Cox, Krista didn’t reply to her boyfriend’s question, instead she sat quietly while Mrs. Cox interjected, “Well, Tom, I’m sure she could be doing much better!!!” With a concerned look on his face, Tom turned to Krista and asked seriously, “Is something wrong, baby, are you sick or something!?!” “It’s or something, Tom,” Jane Cox replied evenly, “and if you don’t do something about it, you’re going to lose your girlfriend to someone else!!!” “Who is it,” Tommy demanded, “are you seeing another guy, Kris, cuz if you are………………” “She’s not seeing another guy, as you put it,” Mrs. Cox retorted, “now sit down and be quiet for a moment, I have something to tell you!!!”

“Now,” Jane Cox began, “Krista has informed me that you’re not being attentive to her needs, “and I just want you to know that this distresses me greatly!!!” Tommy began to protest, but his mother lifted her hand and said sharply, “You’ll get your chance to speak later, but for right now, shut your mouth and pay attention, and just maybe you just might learn something!!!” “Awwww, mom,” he moaned, but shut up when he received a nasty shut up look from his mother!!! “Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted,” Jane said evenly, “the lack of attentiveness to a woman’s needs is paramount to a man getting a full fledged erection and then having his woman ignore him completely his condition, this would not only be cruel, but totally unfair!!!” “Conversely,” she went on, “just because a woman doesn’t have such show her condition in the overt way that a man does, it certainly doesn’t mean the she is any less turned on than her male counterpart, so to give you an idea what to look for in the future, we’re going to give you a little demonstration!!!” “A demonstration,” he asked doubtfully, “and just how are you going to do that!?!” “With Krista’s help,” she replied quickly, “I think that we can show you exactly what to look for!!!”

Both Krista and Tommy looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders, while wondering exactly what Jane Cox had in mind for them!!! “I have questions for you, Tom,” his mother asked softly, “have you ever taken the time to see what the different levels of excitement a woman’s vagina goes through!?!” When he didn’t reply, Jane Cox continued, “I thought not, well, it’s high time that you did, so Krista, if you will, please remove all of your clothing!!!” “Now wait a minute,” Tommy protested, “you can’t make her do that, it’s just not right!!!” “No, Tom,” she shot back at him, “what’s not right is leaving your lover hanging and not giving a hoot whether she cums or not, that’s what’s not right, so Krista, if you will, take of your things!!!” Nervously, the red faced girl stripped off all of her clothing until she was standing naked in the middle of the room, shivering from not only the chill in the air, but from her complete embarrassment!!! “Okay, dear,” Jane said softly, “please sit down in the easy chair and throw your legs over the arm rests, I want to make sure the Tommy can clearly see you vagina!!!” The slim blonde with the perfect champagne size breasts and clean shaven vagina, took her place in the chair, and after a moments hesitation, spread her legs wide apart, exposing her smooth pussy to both Tommy and his mother!!!

Now, please pay attention,” Jane Cox ordered her son, “see how tight lipped Krista’s vagina is, this indicates a total lack of sexual arousal, trying to attempt intercourse at this time would not only be useless, if penetration was achieved, it would be extremely painful for the girl!!!” Tommy stared at Krista’s pussy while his mother was speaking, and while he hadn’t ever really given it much thought, he had to admit that she had a very beautiful vagina, so when his mother continued on, he was all ears!!! “Now what we have to do,” Jane said easily, “is to get her pussy aroused to the point where it can accept your erection, so what is the first thing we do!?!” Neither of them at first replied to her question, until Krista said softly, “My nipples, he should suck my nipples!!!” “Exactly,” Jane replied triumphantly, “you have to suck her nipples, the surest way to a girl’s pussy is through her breasts, and you suck them like this,” and to the complete surprise of both Krista and Tommy, Jane leaned over and gently took a hard nipple into her mouth and began sucking on it greedily!!! “Ohhhh,” Krista gasped as the older woman nursed on her pretty chest, “t-that feels wonderful, ohhhhhhhh my!!!” Tommy shifted nervously in his chair while watching his own mother sucking his girlfriend’s tits, but even as he was watching, he had to admit that she was doing a much better job of it than he ever did!!! After a good ten minutes of sucking, Jane let the hard nipple drop from her mouth while she said, “Now, look at her vagina, I haven’t even seen it and I guarantee that it is beginning to appear flushed and damp, am I correct, Tommy!?!” Tommy made an audible gulping sound, and after licking his dry lips, he stammered, “I-it’s very wet, and her lips are getting really huge!!!

“That’s very good, son,” Jane said proudly, “but we’re not close to being finished, so if you can, what comes next!?!” This time Tommy was ready for her, and in a forceful voice replied, “I’d say that next I’d finger her!!!” “Mmmm, not a bad try, Tom” she replied softly, “but fingering is okay, but the next step really should be what, Krista, can you tell me, please!?!” With her head bowed, Krista replied slowly, “Well, ma’am, if it were up to me, I’d say he should suck my pussy!!!” “That is exactly right, young lady,” Jane Cox responded quickly, “and if it were me, I’d do it like this!!!” Krista’s whole body tensed up immediately when Jane’s mouth pressed against her drooling slit, and while she tried to control herself, it was entirely hopeless as she moaned loud and long as a pent up orgasm rumbled through her bulging cunt, leaving her shell shocked and panting as her blood pressure shot through the roof!!! Tommy’s eyes were as big as saucers as he watched in rapt awe at the ease in which his mother induced such a powerful climax in such a short period time, but he was even more astounded when without warning, his mother buried her tongue inside of Krista’s pussy, and within less than two minutes, had the poor girl climbing the walls and convulsing in another mind bending orgasm!!!

“So,” Jane Cox said to her son, while Krista floated on a orgasm fed cloud, “that is how you orally satisfy a woman’s vagina, do you think you can remember how it’s done, I hope to god you can, cuz it’s very important that you do!!!” Tommy nodded dumbly that he understood, but when his mother asked what was to come next, he eagerly responded and said, “Now you fuck her, hard and fast!!!” “Well maybe,” Jane replied gently, “about the hard and fast that is, yes, you do fuck her, but it depends how she feels if it’s hard and fast, you have to ask her, because maybe she wants if slow and easy, do you understand!?!” A now very turned on Tommy while tugging down his pants and shorts replied excitedly, “Yeah, mom, I get it, now if you’ll just get out of my way……………..” With a little chuckle, Jane Cox stepped aside, and quick as a cat, her eighteen year old son mounted and entered Krista and began smoothly fucking the Nordic pussy for all he was worth!!! Krista’s breathing grew very shallow as the tension in her pussy built to a fever pitch, and it wasn’t long before she was begging Tommy to fuck her harder and harder, a command he was more than happy to accede to!!! Both of them were now moving as one, with Krista meeting each of Tommy’s strokes with a slight thrust of her hips until almost without warning, both of them stiffened as her pussy collapsed around his spurting cock, leaving both of them in a state of stunned euphoria!!!

After letting them regain their lost senses, Jane Cox asked her son softly, “Now, do you understand where we’re coming from, I mean from the female point of view!?!” With a small smile creeping over his face, Tommy kissed Krista on the cheek and replied, “And a very nice point of view it is!!!